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Val di Noto

Val di Noto

discover the UNESCO heritage
in the heart of south-eastern Sicily

During the Arab domination, Sicily was divided into three “valli”, which were administrative districts.
The Val di Noto is a Baroque jewel, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002.

After enjoying the exclusive experiences that Feudi del Pisciotto provides for its guests, you can take advantage of the strategic position of our Wine Resort to visit the south eastern part of Sicily, a land full of history, culture and old traditions, and a crossroads for thousands of tourists throughout the year.

The Setting

Feudi del Pisciotto is the result of a traditional restoration of an old eighteenth century manor, and it is situated in the midst of the wonderful Val di Noto, which is a testimony to European Baroque art. The name of the “vallo” dates back to the period of Arab domination, and today it includes eight cities, many of which can easily be reached from Feudi del Pisciotto, each with its own centuries-old history: Caltagirone, Militello, Modica, Noto, Palazzo Acreide, Ragusa, Catania and Scicli.

After admiring the Val di Noto in all its glory from the terrace of our wine resort, the time comes to discover the secrets of the surrounding area. A tour of the Val di Noto is a unique experience that anyone who loves cultural journeys should try. Thanks to its favourable climate and proximity to the sea, the Val di Noto is a favourite spot for artists and creative people, because of the thousands of shades and colours it has to offer, and above all its wonderful landscapes and seascapes. The terroir of the Val di Noto is also ideal for the production of excellent wines and the Feudi del Pisciotto winery is a direct testimony to this.

Choosing Feudi del Pisciotto for a family holiday or romantic getaway is the ideal way to discover the beauty that this wonderful part of Sicily has to offer, a fascinating land of nature and history.


The Capital of Baroque

Not far from Feudi del Pisciotto is the town of Noto, which gives its name to the wide valley in which our resort is situated. Described as the Capital of Baroque, the historic centre of Noto was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. A place that will amaze and enrapture you with its historic palaces and monuments.

Piazza Armerina

The roman mosaics of the Villa del Casale

Piazza Armerina is just 35 km from Feudi del Pisciotto, and it is famous all over the world for the Mosaics of the Villa Romana del Casale. The town has a wonderful Baroque historic centre, watched over by its imposing cathedral, which stands on the highest point in the city, and overlooks the old town spread out around it.


An open-air museum

Historic works of art, old churches, picturesque alleyways and Baroque architecture make Ragusa an open-air museum. A glittering jewel set in the Val di Noto. Elegant and sophisticated, Ragusa has two souls, one modern, Ragusa Superiore, and one ancient, Ragusa Ibla.


Sicilian ceramics, true works of art

The “city with a thousand faces” and undisputed home of the art of ceramics, which has made it famous all over the world. Caltagirone is just 25 minutes from our wine resort, and undoubtedly one of the places worth visiting in Val di Noto. Over the course of the centuries, this city has seen various dominations, including Byzantines, Normans, Greeks, Romans and Arabs, whose pottery techniques gave an important impulse to the local artisans.


The city of chocolate

Anyone with a sweet tooth will not want to forego a visit to Modica, which is famous the world over for the production of chocolate. Visiting Modica means sweetening your palate, but also experiencing fascinating culture, as you set off in search of the hidden treasures of south-eastern Sicily. One of the most picturesque cities on the whole island, Modica has numerous architectural delights, which is the reason why it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for several years.


Set of fiction "Il Commissario Montalbano"

One of the many places to visit in Val di Noto, where the Feudi wine resort is located, is the remarkable Baroque city of Scicli, which is on a par with Modica and Ragusa. Like the other towns that make up the Val di Noto, Scicli was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. The city is famous for being one of the locations in the popular television series “Inspector Montalbano”, based on the novels by Andrea Camilleri.

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