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Experiences in Val di Noto

Unforgettable experiences

A holiday at Feudi del Pisciotto is the ideal way to discover the wonders of south-eastern Sicily.
Thanks to the strategic position of our Wine Resort, situated in an area between Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina, about an hour from the Baroque architecture of Ragusa, Modica and Scicli, within the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG area and just a few kilometres from the sea, guests of Feudi del Pisciotto can have an unforgettable stay and exclusive experiences discovering all the beauty that Sicily has to offer.

The ceramics of Caltagirone

Tour in one of the workshops of the ceramic masters

From one capital to another, from the centre of Sicilian Baroque to the centre of hand painted ceramics; in just 25 minutes you can reach Caltagirone from the Feudi del Pisciotto wine resort. The town is world famous for its colourful ceramics, the most beautiful of which are made by the master potter Giacomo Alessi, and are part of the sought after furnishings of our wine relais.
After appreciating the majolicas in the interior and exterior spaces of Feudi del Pisciotto, you can make use of your holiday in Val di Noto to discover the secrets behind the making of these wonderful ceramic pieces, which are so characteristic of Sicily. During your stay at Feudi del Pisciotto, you can experience a fascinating tour of one of the ceramics workshops of Caltagirone. An exclusive way to understand the centuries-old tradition of the master potters, as well as the techniques they use, which have been handed down through generations, from father to son. When you visit the ceramics workshop, you will see the process of creating a piece from start to finish, through shaping, glazing and decoration, and it is the decoration that is the maximum expression of the art of ceramics. Yet another reason to visit the wonderful Val di Noto, and have unique experiences that will make your holidays in south-eastern Sicily unforgettable.

Villa del Casale
in Piazza Armerina

The Roman mosaics of the Villa tell the story of Sicily

Piazza Armerina is only 35 minutes from Feudi del Pisciotto. Piazza Armerina is famous all over the world, and every year it becomes a crossroads for tourists form every nation, curious to discover the wonders of a town with very ancient origins. It was originally inhabited by the Greeks, and later by the Romans, but it was the Romans who built the Villa Romana del Casale, which is one of the most famous Roman buildings in the world, and particularly admired for the beauty of its mosaic floors.
The Villa is made up of 60 rooms and covers a total area of 3,500 square metres. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The “Girls in Bikinis”, the “Great Hunt” and the “Erotic Scene” are among the famous images created using mosaic inside the Villa Romana del Casale.
Choosing Feudi del Pisciotto for your holiday in south-eastern Sicily means having a complete experience. During your stay in our wine resort in Val di Noto, established following the traditional restoration of an old eighteenth century Palmento, you will be able to discover the wonderful places that make up this area.

Noto Baroque

Noto: capital of the Sicilian Baroque and UNESCO heritage city

One of the most famous places in Sicily, and one of the most popular with tourists from every part of the world, is the wonderful capital of Sicilian Baroque: Noto. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, full of history and culture, and its timeless appeal will take your breath away. A magical place that will mesmerise you with its streets and churches. You can start your tour of the Baroque Capital from the Porta Reale, a nineteenth century triumphal arch that welcomes you to this wonderful city. It opens up onto Corso Vittorio Emanuele, where you can admire the Church of Santa Chiara, the former Convento delle Clarisse and the view from its terrace. One of the highlights of your day discovering Noto will certainly be the Cathedral of San Nicolò, with its dome and world famous staircase. A Baroque jewel, which you can see wherever you are in the city. And if you happen to be in Sicily on the third Sunday in May, you simply cannot miss the “infiorata”, which welcomes Spring with cloths painted with flowers.

Adventure and Nature

Bike trekking and visits to the "Sughereta" Nature Reserve of Niscemi

For sports lovers, the best way to get a taste of the real essence of the countryside in Val di Noto is to experience bike trekking. In the saddle of a bicycle, our guests can discover the most secret, hidden and intimate places in Sicily. Choose the tour that that takes your fancy, and go on long unforgettable rides in close contact with the unspoilt nature of this part of Sicily.
During a holiday in Feudi del Pisciotto wine resort in Val di Noto, you never get bored. You can set out in search of the natural beauty of south-eastern Sicily by booking a guided tour of the “Sughereta di Niscemi” Nature Reserve, for example. The Sughereta is one of the largest areas where cork oaks are found, and it is also famous for the mosaic oak or Great Oak, a centuries old patriarch of the plant kingdom. In spring, you can appreciate all the colours and fragrances of the different species in the Mediterranean Scrub classification, including orchids, some of which are endemic, and protected by European regulations, like the moon orchid. And then there are myrtles, evergreen oaks, carob trees, madrones, brooms, acanthuses, dwarf palms etc. As far as fauna is concerned, you may come across some rare species like the Hermann’s Tortoise, the Sicilian wall lizard and the Gongilo. There are also many kinds of birds like the Hoopoe, the Jay and the Buzzard, and then there are butterflies like the rare Cassandra and many different varieties of beetles.

A day at the seaside

The pristine beaches between Syracuse and Ragusa are small corners of paradise

The strategic position of Feudi del Pisciotto, in the midst of the Val di Noto, and not far from the sea, gives our guests a wide variety of experiences to enjoy, like a day on one of the wonderful white beaches of south-eastern Sicily.
The climate in Sicily is perfect for most of the year, and if you come to Feudi del Pisciotto between April and September, you absolutely must spend a day by the uncontaminated sea between Siracusa and Ragusa, with its rocky and sandy seabed, and clear shallow waters, which are ideal for children. Little corners of paradise to be experienced in complete relaxation. There are wilder areas like Vendicari, Plemmirio and Pachino, as well as beaches and lidos with facilities for those who prefer to have all the services.

Excursions in a gulet

An exclusive experience in the Mediterranean sea, an exciting cruise

Sailing aboard a gulet is a unique way to discover the Mediterranean Sea, one of the most beautiful aspects of Sicily. The gullet is a traditional vessel from Turkey, and one of its main characteristics is the large sunbathing area at the bow end, and a dinette at the stern end, which make it ideal for a day at sea in good company.
The excursion in a gulet is an exclusive experience in the seas off the coast of Sicily, which will give your holiday in Val di Noto a special touch. Romantic and comfortable, it is basically a cruise with an old world flavour, and it can easily be organized thanks to the short distance that separates Feudi del Pisciotto from the sea. Book a day on a sailing boat., independently or with a skipper, and enjoy every moment of the voyage in total relaxation, gently rocked by the waves, as you gaze towards the horizon.

Excursions on Etna

Discovering the higher and active volcano in Europe

Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe and it is not far from Feudi del Pisciotto, wine resort in Val di Noto. It is an exciting and fascinating place at any time of year. In winter, skiing enthusiasts, or those who just enjoy a bit of sledging, can take advantage of a holiday at Feudi del Pisciotto to have one of the most unforgettable experiences in Sicily, and spend a memorable day in the snow that turns the top of Etna white every year. From May to November, on the other hand, guests of Feudi del Pisciotto who love trekking can go for long hikes and excursions around the peak and craters of Etna.
Trekking on Etna will give you a multi-sensory experience. The fragrances of the woods and plants will fill your nostrils, the wonderful views will fascinate your eyes and the sweet sounds of nature will be music to your ears. Admiring the colours of an Etna sunset at an altitude 2,000 metres is beyond compare.

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